Monday, May 23, 2016

New Book! Easy everyday Exercise Before you Get out of Bed in the Morning

I'm writing three books about exercise. About easy and everyday exercise. Why? Because  these simple things have helped me to stay healthy and flexible. People ask me how I do it.

 I'm a happy and healthy person, and I notice that a lot of people aren't either of those things.

 Yes, I'm still writing fiction... Do Fiction and Non-Fiction mix? Don't know, but for now...

Here's some of the research I've been doing to authenticate my own not-so-humble opinions. WHY MORNING EXERCISE ? RESEARCH--Just the Facts, ma’am

Morning exercise increases mental power and stimulates the producing of chemicals that make us feel good.

Here is "Morning Exercise = Mental Health" video, made by the folks at to publicize their whiteboard message business.
They didn’t keep their research for the video, but I found corroborating research facts. More to be posted about the chemicals released in your brain to make you feel good - and how they're stimulated by exercise.

Book just released on Smashwords, to be sent to Kobo and iBooks. Amazon next.