Sunday, February 12, 2012

creativity - of the female sort

I had a revelation this morning. I'm studying for a possible (probably fantasy) book set in prehistoric times. Will be the sun-deity be a male or a female? Can the characters make or find an ideal world?

Off track already. What I was reading about this morning is patriarchy - which is defined as - the will to dominate and it's way is control. This is a subject that I have avoided as seemingly too complex. Besides I like men, in general...I just don't like bosses.

One of the major things we think about women, as the female of the species, is that they are the most important "creators" because they have children and give life, and keep the species alive (while men are busy both creating - bridges, microscopes, etc. - and killing).

But the fact is that creation of offspring is not something that women "do." It is something that happens to them. Women are part in the play of natural forces. To think that I, as a person, actually "create" another human being is laughable.

And that leaves women with the responsibility to create in a conscious, working, way, the same way that men do. And leaves men with the responsibility to let them.

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