Friday, February 10, 2012

The Silverton Cozy Murder Mysteries, Number 1 - Henry Loses Her Beau

Here is my profile page on Smashwords.It has everything I've published on it. (one short story so far, to see if I could do it). What a fantastic service this is!

My book, the "cozy mystery" set in Silverton is still in the revising stage. By the end of February it will need volunteer readers to tell me the parts that need clarifying, rearanging, etc...Always wanted to try your hand at editing? Just let me know.

It has a name! It is the first in a series, of three I think. The second one is about a slightly wacky English as a second language teacher (no one you know) whose house gets overrun by gangsters. The third one may be a murder in the public library.

The Silverton Cozy Murder Mysteries, 
Number 1 - Henry Loses Her Beau

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